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Prince Harry’s secret talent uncovered in new Netflix series

Prince Harry showcased his secret talent in his new Netflix series Heart of Invictus, as he was seen enjoying scuba diving with another sportsperson during the show.

The Duke of Sussex was seen getting into the waters with a player in the show, which first aired on Wednesday morning at 8am.

Prince Harry jumps into the water as the cameras follow his swim into the sea, diving between the breathtaking sparkling waters.

This is the first time that he has been seen enjoying the sport, with the love for scuba diving running in the family.

Prince Phillip was the one who began the love of scuba diving and when his son and grandson went to Lambrook school in Berkshire, they all received the role of president of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC).

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Prince Philip passed on his presidency on to King Charles who passed it on to William in 2014.

While accepting the honour, Prince William revealed: “It’s a great honour to be here with my father and accept the presidency of the British Sub-Aqua Club, continuing that from my grandfather as well.”

He added: “I hope that one day my son George might follow in our footsteps.

“For the moment bath time is quite painful, but I imagine as he gets a little bit older, donning a mask and snorkel might calm him down.”

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Apart from them, the Princess of Wales also gained her Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) open water diving qualification in 2015.

A spokesperson from Kensington Palace had confirmed: “Diving is something the Duchess very much enjoys, and the Duke of Cambridge, who is of course President of the BSAC, has said in the past that he is hopeful his children will become interested in the sport.”

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Heart Of Invictus follows a group of service members on their road to the paralympic-style sporting competition which Harry set up in 2014 for injured and sick military personnel and veterans.

A camera crew for the project joined Harry and his wife Meghan when they visited the Games in The Hague in the Netherlands in 2022.

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