Thursday, 23 Sep 2021

Prince Harry warned taxpayers who funded lifestyle are tired of his privileged whinging

Prince Harry: A lot of people 'tired' of 'whinging' says expert

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Royal expert Rober Jobson insisted much of the public is growing tired of Prince Harry’s whinging. While speaking on LBC, Mr Jobson added that this was not helped by the fact that the Duke has had a very privileged upbringing. He also accused the Duke of being two-faced for saying he wanted more privacy to only publicly attack the Royal Family.

Mr Jobson said: “A lot of people are getting tired of Prince Harry’s whinging.

“He does seem to be doing it a lot, he had a very privileged upbringing.

“He has travelled the world at the taxpayers’ expense but he doesn’t seem to be very happy.

“To have a private life is one thing but to continually attack your family and the institution of the monarchy from a position of privilege is a little two-faced.”

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The royal expert also reflected on how the Royal Family would be reacting to the Duke’s four-book deal.

He said: “It is difficult to say but I would think they would be slightly alarmed by it.

“It is all well and good, people writing books but when you are a high profile figure like him and Meghan and Harry have had books they have cooperated with like Finding Freedom, the reality is that this is going to be his memoir.

“You have to own your memoir, whatever is said.

Prince Harry ‘playing games with Royal Family’ says Jobson

“I should imagine this is going to lead to even more difficulty.

“There are supposed to be these rifts that are going on in the Royal Family, particularly with William.

“But I can’t see any of these book deals healing those rifts anytime soon.”

Prince Harry shocked the world as he announced that he would be writing a memoir book about his life and the journeys he has been on.

Royal commentators have largely criticised the Duke for the decision and warned it would be similar to the shocking interviews both Meghan and Harry have done since stepping down from the Royal Family.

The Duke is expected to produce four books with rumours speculating some would only be released after the death of the Queen.

However, a spokesperson for Prince Harry has rebuked these claims and insisted he has no plans to do this.

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