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Prince Harry tipped for ‘incredibly frustrating’ return, author claims

Harry and Meghan’s coronation decision discussed by Jobson

Prince Harry can expect to be treated like a royal “pariah” by his family when he comes back for the Coronation next month, a royal author claimed.

The Palace confirmed last week the Duke of Sussex, 38, will travel to the UK to attend the ceremony but his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and their children will remain in California.

Author Christopher Andersen says Harry will be forced to accept he is to be “shunted aside” while the working members of the Royal Family take centre stage at the celebration.

Andersen suggested the day will likely be “incredibly frustrating” for the Duke but noted he should be given credit for still showing up despite the high risk of animosity.

He said: “My guess is that Harry will be treated like something of a pariah and that he is well aware of that. So, you have to give him credit for being willing to show up anyway.

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“There is a humiliation factor here. Watching the other royals share centre stage with the King and Queen while he is probably going to be shunted aside – this will likely be painful and incredibly frustrating for Harry.

“I have a feeling that even Prince Andrew will be afforded better treatment and shown more respect by the crown – that’s how deep the animosity toward the Sussexes runs in royal circles these days.”

The royal author also suggested Harry can expect some booing from the crowds. Last year, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex returned for the Platinum Jubilee, they were greeted with boos when they attended the Thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

However, he noted the affection the public has for him as the youngest son of the beloved Princess Diana will still play a role in the reaction of the crowds.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, he added: “Harry knows that he’s just going to have to follow his grandmother’s ‘keep calm and carry on’ motto. He’ll have to just grit his teeth and get through it.

“I fully expect Harry to be sidelined and snubbed. We can look forward to lots of photographs of Harry standing alone, looking downcast and grim, even visibly seething.

“There will almost certainly be boos from the crowd, but let’s not forget that there is still some lingering affection among the people for Diana’s younger son.

“And I expect there will be some catcalls aimed in the direction of Andrew, Camilla, and even Charles as well. Like it or not, there is a growing anti-monarchist movement in Great Britain and they are becoming increasingly vocal.”

Royal commentators have also suggested Harry may hang out with cousins Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, with whom he has remained close despite his departure.

Marketing and Consumer Research professor Pauline Maclaran told Express.co.uk the Duke could turn to his cousins because of Meghan’s absence from the ceremony.

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Prof MacLaran said: “Harry will likely have to cope with the probable hostility of some of his family but there are certain members that support him.

“He will look to his supporters, from the likes of Beatrice and Eugenie and people who are likely to be less hostile to him, but he is still bound to find that very awkward.

“On the other hand, he has always been the one that has given all these revelations and wants to sit down and talk.

“At the end of the day, he is the King’s son, and it would have looked bad for him and Meghan had they not attended.”

She added: “For the royals, this will be the easiest route for them too because they will probably have a show of unity and not cold shoulder Harry too much just to make it all pass without a hitch on the day. That would have been harder if Meghan had attended.”

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