Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021

Prince Harry sparks furious backlash with ‘explosive’ memoir ‘Didn’t he want privacy?!’

Prince Harry memoir ‘will be very explosive’ says commentator

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Royal expert Natalie Oliveri predicted that Prince Harry’s memoir is going to be “explosive”. She argued that the Duke of Sussex will continue to receive criticism for his decision to write it, however. She noted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from the Royal Family to get away from their “fishbowl life” only to stay in the limelight.

While speaking on Today, Ms Oliveri said: “This memoir is going to be very explosive.

“People are sort of criticising Prince Harry for it though.

“They have been saying that the Prince that wanted privacy moving across to LA to get away from the fishbowl that was the Royal Family is not releasing a tell-all memoir.”

Other royal commentators have argued that this memoir, is likely to put greater strain on Prince Harry’s relationship with his family. 

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A spokesperson for the Duke has commentated that Prince Harry did have private conversations with his family about the memoir.

However, it remains unclear as to how much notice he gave them before it was publicly announced. 

Royal expert Katie Nicholl admitted that the news that Prince Harry will be writing a memoir about his life has likely shifted the expectations for Royal Family reconciliation.

She argued that initially there was the belief that Harry could mend the wounds with his family with the help of his new daughter Lilibet. 

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While speaking on the Today programme, Ms Nicholl said: “I think everyone was hoping that the birth of their daughter would be an opportunity for reconciliation.

“Now that we know of these plans for a memoir, it does overshadow any reconciliation.

“Given that everything Prince Harry has said about the Royal Family so far, one can’t imagine they are going to come out particularly well in all this.”

She also commented on the reaction from the rest of the family on the news of the memoirs.

She said: “There is a real sense of disbelief.

“Disbelief in both in Prince Charles’ camp and in Prince William’s camp that Harry is writing this book.

“I mean the idea of a royal rift being healed is going to depend very much on what is in the book.”

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