Thursday, 4 Jun 2020

Prince Harry heartbreak: Queen ‘working very hard’ to make sure Duke isn’t ‘isolated’

The Queen has reportedly issued a “special invitation” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to visit her at her Balmoral residence. New Idea’s Zoe Burrell and royal commentator Angela Mollard discussed the “real move for unity” on their Royals podcast. Ms Mollard revealed the monarch’s hidden motivation behind the unexpected olive branch.

She told listeners: “I think this is very interesting, I think the Queen is working very, very hard to ensure that Harry doesn’t feel isolated.

“I think he wants to do the right thing.

“Remember this comes obviously not long after the Sussexes responded to the Queen banning them from using the word ‘royal’.

“There was that piece on social media saying she had no jurisdiction outside the UK to use the word ‘royal’.”

Ms Mollard continued: “I think there’s a real move, both from Harry and Meghan and from the Queen, to have some unity.

“Obviously, at the moment, unity is the whole flavour of what we’re supposed to be working towards.

“The fact that they’re actually going to go to Balmoral I think will be very interesting.

“What will also be interesting is to see who is there at the same time.”

The royal commentator added: “I think William and Kate will be there with the kids, the question is whether they overlap.

“The Queen is there for several months so it’s perfectly possible that everyone can go visit her at different times.

“You would hope that Charles and Camilla would be there.”

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Ms Mollard also said: “The fact is that Harry needs to catch up with his dad.

“What we do hope though is that William and Kate are there, that the kids do get to play with together in that country environment.

“It’s a place that William and Harry themselves loved when they were younger.

“There’s barbecues on the edge of the river, they go on these big walks, huge castle to play in.

“It would be lovely to think of those four kids hanging out together and building a relationship.”

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