Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023

Prince Harry asked Mike Tindall for his autograph after World Cup

Prince Harry has revealed that he previously asked Mike Tindall for his autograph after Rugby World Cup. The former rugby union player is married to the Duke of Sussex’s cousin, Zara.

After an appearance on the US talk show last month, Prince Harry has returned for a second time.

On the pre-recorded clip, Stephen Colbert asked the 38-year-old whether he has asked someone for their autograph.

Harry replied, “yes”, prompting Mr Colbert to ask who the person was.

The Duke revealed the celebrity with no hesitation.

He said: “The England rugby team in 2003, in the Telsa Stadium at the World Cup Final.

“After a few drinks, when getting the rugby top. I was walking around going ‘Johnny, Johnny, Mike, Mike, Lawrence, come on some sign my shirt’.”

He added that he was able to get “all 15 signatures”.

The Mike harry was referring to is Mike Tindall, the former English rugby union player. He won 785 caps for England between 2000 and 2011 and was a member of the winning 2003 World Cup squad.

Mike and Zara’s relationship was made public in 2004, with the couple officially tying the knot in July 2011, three months after the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The royal and her former rugby player husband now share three children.


Prince Harry was in attendance, along with his cousin and Mike, at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June last year.

The 38-year-old was spotted standing outside of St Paul’s Cathedral, along with Meghan, as the pair chatted to Zara.

Zara reportedly shared a close relationship with both Harry and Prince William when they were young.

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