Tuesday, 4 Oct 2022

Prince George’s attendance at Queen’s funeral ‘under discussion’

Prince William greets royal mourners in heartfelt thanks

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Prince George’s presence at the Queen’s funeral is “currently under discussion”, it has been claimed. Neither the nine-year-old nor his younger siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have been seen since the death of their beloved great-grandmother on September 8.

Their absence from the public eye is in line with the Prince and Princess of Wales’s desire to give their sons and daughter a childhood as normal as possible, to protect their privacy at such a painful time for the family and with their young age.

However, senior palace advisers have reportedly asked Kate and Prince William to consider bringing along their eldest son to the state funeral of the Queen on Monday.

Aides suggested the sight of Prince George would be good for the public, as a reminder of the future of the Firm and the order of succession.

One insider told the Mail on Sunday: “Courtiers are keen for Prince George to be at the funeral in some capacity, if only to reassure the nation of the order of succession.”

Another palace source said: “It’s currently under discussion. No decision has been made yet.”

The idea of having his young son attend this state funeral may be particularly painful for Prince William, who famously walked behind Princess Diana’s coffin in September 1997 when he was aged only 15.

The Prince of Wales had previously admitted that walk was “one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

His younger brother Prince Harry, who on the day of the funeral was 12, said: “I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances.” 

The funeral of his doting mother has surely been in William’s mind lately.

Well-wisher Jane Wells, who met the Prince of Wales on Thursday at Sandringham where she went to lay flowers for the Queen, claimed the heir to the throne described as “difficult” walking behind the Queen’s casket during the procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

She said: “He told us yesterday had been particularly difficult and following the coffin had reminded him of his mother’s funeral, of Diana.

“He said it had been very difficult.”

While George, Charlotte and Louis haven’t appeared in public since the day of the death of the Queen, their parents have mentioned them while meeting mourners.

Speaking to well-wishers in Sandringham, Kate, the Princess of Wales, answered a question on how George, Charlotte and Louis were coping.

She said: “They’re in school, being well looked after.

“They’re in a routine and they’re happy. They’re with new friends.”

Similarly, asked if the children were “okay”, said: “They’re settling in. We’re trying to keep everything constant and settled for them.”

The Queen’s passing came on the first day of the Prince and Princess’ children at Lambrook School in Windsor.

The death of the monarch also prompted a change in the line of succession, with Prince George becoming the second-in-line, followed by Charlotte and Louis.

Prince George is not new to official royal events, having attended a number of engagements – including the poignant memorial service for Prince Philip in March.

While the Waleses’ children haven’t been seen in public in recent days, some of the Queen’s great-grandchildren appeared at Westminster Hall on Friday.

Zara and Mike Tindall brought along their daughter Mia and Lena to watch the heartbreaking vigil held by the late sovereign’s children at the Hall.

Savanna and Isla, the daughters of Peter Phillips, were also among the royal relatives watching the touching scene.

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