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Prince George issued dire warning about his fate as future King

Experts have warned that Prince George could be a “lonely King” as Charles’s new slimmed down monarchy is leading to “burn out”. Royal commentator Angela Mollard said the Prince and Princess of Wales will likely have to step up to help King Charles in his old age. She said: “There’s a glaring problem with the new look Brand Windsor. Excluding the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, the average age of the remaining eight is 77.”

“Indeed, the Queen’s cousin Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy is 88 while the Duke of Kent is 87.

“The new King wants a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy but looking at this image, he could find himself with a burnt-out monarchy if the older generation, including himself and the Queen, become ill or infirm, leaving Kate and William to do it all.”

Ms Mollard warned this could lead to George, 9, being “stranded on his own” when he takes to the throne.

She added: “The political pressure on today’s monarchy is very different, of course. But there are real dangers on both sides of the argument.

“As the Waleses lean into their new roles and elevated status they’ll be mindful of who will support Prince George when he, in turn, becomes monarch. Will Charlotte and Louis be allies and working royals as the Princess Royal and Duke of Edinburgh are to the King? Or will this redacted royal family leave our future King stranded on his own?”

Prince George had a big part to play in the Coronation on Saturday, walking ahead of his parents as he showed his growing independence.

George was a Page of Honour at the event that was watched by millions worldwide.

He also stood separately from his parents, Kate and Prince William, on the Buckingham Palace balcony whilst watching the flypast and waving to well-wishers waiting outside.


‘Perfect’ Princess Kate praised for choice that ‘kept spotlight on Charles’ at Coronation

While royal commentators described Kate, Princess of Wales’s, Coronation look as “exquisite,” the eagle-eyed experts also noted her tactical move to avoid stealing the show.

Hello!’s Emmy Griffiths, Andrea Caamano and Royal Editor Emily Nash discussed the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on the latest episode of the publication’s A Right Royal Podcast.

Joined by New York Times bestseller and royal fashion commentator, Elizabeth Holmes, they delved into the sartorial elements of the historic event, focusing on the opulent attire of members of the Royal Family.

The Princess of Wales arrived at the ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday in an ivory silk crepe gown by Alexander McQueen, embellished with silver embroidery featuring rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock motifs to signify the four nations of the UK.

Over the dress, she wore a blue formal robe — an item which initially came to the surprise of commentators but soon proved to be the “perfect thing”.

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