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Prince and Princess of Wales to lead nation’s tributes on Queen’s anniversary

The Prince and Princess of Wales are expected to lead tributes to the late Queen, one year on from her death last September.

The royal couple are set to deliver a public message honouring the late monarch and, according to a source, will use the occasion to “look forward”.

Kate and William will reflect on the late Queen’s legacy, with the King expected to mark the day “quietly and privately” at Balmoral.

Any further details currently remain unknown, in particular how this will be displayed, either in person or through social media.

The source added: “Her Majesty’s passing was an event that truly signified the end of an era.”

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The source told the Mirror: “The Royal Family has been in transition since then and following the Coronation, and conclusion of the summer holidays, there will be an exception to see what is next.”

Upon confirming that the King will have a quiet day on September 8, the late Queen also did the same “to mark her own father’s passing”.

Following the Christmas break, the late Queen stayed at Sandringham in Norfolk until after the anniversary of George VI’s death, on February 6.

Palace sources also said that there are “no plans” for any public events or private family gatherings for the entire Royal Family.

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The King is, however, expected to welcome family members to stay at Balmoral over the summer.


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