Thursday, 22 Oct 2020

Premier League’s major clubs propose shrinking top flight of English football in major shake-up

The biggest shake-up of English football in a generation is being proposed by Manchester United and Liverpool and it would see the number of teams in the top flight reduced from 20 to 18.

Sky News’ sports correspondent Martha Kelner said the changes would be “seismic” and put the majority of the power into the hands of the biggest clubs.

The plan – called Project Big Picture – has been confirmed to Sky News, and was first reported in the Sunday Telegraph.

As well as a change in size, the new proposals would change the leagues finances and power system.

A quarter of the league’s revenue would go to the English Football League, with £250m paid up front to help them through the coronavirus crisis..

The FA would also receive £100m as a gift.

A change in the power structure would mean an end to the one-club, one-vote system.

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