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Police rescue dog dressed in smart blue shirt from owner who was ‘drunk’

A dog dressed in a smart blue shirt was rescued by police because the owner was “drunk” and “wasn’t looking after it” – despite dressing it up for an outing.

British Transport Police officers attended the scene in Black Country on Friday, August 18, to check on the “welfare” of the dog after receiving concerns from onlookers.

Officers claimed that the owner was “intoxicated and not adequately caring for her dog ”, after they arrived to check on its welfare and investigate if any offences were taking place.

Police shared a picture of the dog dressed up in a blue cotton shirt and looking unamused at the situation, sitting up with a straight back and staring directly down the lens of the camera.

The same can’t be said for the cheerful copper sat beside him holding on with a red lead, grinning with his thumbs up – in what was probably a cuter encounter than he is used to.

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Police officers confirmed on Twitter that they found the dog dressed up after a social media user questioned whether the choice of clothing was their doing. 

BTP Black Country tweeted: “Our officers received a text report regarding a female who was intoxicated and not adequately caring for her dog,” Birmingham Live reported.

BTP added: “Officers attended and ensured the welfare of the dog whilst further enquiries are ongoing to establish any offences.” 

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A social media user asked: “Did you dress the dog up just for the photo?” The officers replied: “Can confirm the fashion crime was not our doing!”

Another harsh critic called Dank Microwave asked the police: “How do I report a crime? That shirt is a fashion crime.” 

Others were more welcoming of the four-pawed pal and his sharp shirt, with one saying “looking dapper in his lil outfit”, while others chimed “he’s wearing people clothes!” and “brilliant”

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And one woman was more confused in her response to the dressed up dog – who looks in the picture as if he’s joined up with the BTP to keep Birmingham’s streets in order. 

She said: “Wtf is that dog wearing? Bizarre! Good job.”

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