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Police called to yoga class after mistaken report of 'ritual mass murder'

Members of the public called police after mistaking a group of people lying down in a yoga class for a ‘ritual mass murder’.

Officers were called to the North Sea Observatory in Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire, over fears a large-scale killing had taken place on Wednesday night.

But it turns out the group of people had just been lying on their backs with their eyes closed during the relaxation stage of the class.

Lincolnshire Police confirmed everyone was safe and well, and that the call had been made with ‘good intentions’.

Yoga teacher Millie Laws told the BBC she thought reports of her being a ‘mass murderer’ were a ‘joke at first’.

The 22-year-old said she had been teaching seven students at the Seascape Café, which is inside Observatory Building, when she spotted two dog walkers peering through the glass window.

At that point the students were ‘laying down with blankets over them, their eyes are closed’, she explained.

‘It’s very dark in there. I just had candles and little tea lights lit the whole room, and I was just walking around playing my drum. I had a nice floaty top on with large bell sleeves,’ she said.

The couple walked off ‘really quickly’ and she carried on the class not thinking anything of it.

She added: ‘I didn’t know until after we left that these people phoned in saying that there was a mass murderer, they were wearing a robe and they were walking over all of the people, and it looked like some kind of ritual, and that the people on the floor were actually dead.’

Millie, who only moved to the area three months ago, said she felt bad for the dog walkers as it must have been a terrifying experience for them, but added that you have to see the lighter, funnier side to the incident as well.

Seascape Café reassured residents on its Facebook page and thanked police for their quick response.

Staff wrote: ‘If anyone heard the mass of police sirens in Chapel St Leonards at 9.30pm last night then please be reassured.

‘They were on their way to the Observatory after someone had reported a mass killing in our building, having seen several people laying on the floor… which actually turned out to be the yoga class in meditation.

‘Thank you to Lincolnshire Police for their prompt response. I can’t imagine for one moment what would have being going through their minds on the way. We are not part of any mad cult or crazy clubs.

‘All in all, this situation turned out positive and we are of course grateful.’

Lincolnshire Police confirmed the force received a call at 8.56pm ‘following concerns for the occupants of the North Sea Observatory, at Chapel St Leonards’.

Officers added: ‘Officers attended, we’re happy to report everyone was safe and well.’

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