Friday, 8 Dec 2023

‘Our UK town is plagued by boy racers driving at 80mph at 2am – it has to stop’

A UK village has been plunged into misery thanks to boy racers.

Residents of former mining village Somercotes in the Amber Valley say the reckless drivers travel at speeds of up to 80mph up until 2am around retail parks in the Derbyshire town have been rising, with dozens of cars now causing disturbance on a nightly basis by performing mini races, burnouts and doughnuts.

The situation has got so bad that Amber Valley Borough Council is looking at imposing £1,000 nuisance driving fines.

It is hoped the introduction of fines would crack down on racing, wheel-spins, doughnuts, revving and horn honking, though there are concerns over how this will be policed.

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At a council cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Cllr John McCabe said the boy racers were “making people’s lives a misery”.

As reported in The Derbyshire Telegraph, Cllr McCabe spoke about the situation at Nottingham Road Retail Park.

He said: “We have NHS logistics based there and the roads were often being blocked by these racers and blocking the depot, racing around at 70mph all night, particularly on Sundays. It is dangerous, going at 70 or 80mph down the road.

There is a booklet somewhere about how the A6 is not policed so they go racing up and down it all night long.”

Council leader Cllr Chris Emmas-Williams said the police force was already understaffed. “But this is not a new problem, it has been happening (for) a long time,” he added.

“We are just doing our bit. We are going to do something whereas in the past things have been left to squander.”

Cllr Paul Lobley said the new planned measures would need to cover the whole of Amber Valley, so the problem didn’t move to another area down the line.

He said: “Vehicles are now banned on the Nottingham Road Retail Park after 10.30pm and before 5am, with cameras monitoring compliance, and a £100 fine for vehicles caught breaching restrictions.”

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