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Only those with eagle eyes can spot the queen bee in this tricky brainteaser

The brainteaser showcases a bee hive, filled with a multitude of honeybees and interspersed amongst them, a collection of other insects, adding an additional layer of difficulty and challenging the limits of your cognition.

The teaser comes from interior experts at Make My Blinds, who have turned the pattern from their Honeybee Birch Roman Blind into a tricky conundrum.

Distinguishing herself with her yellow countenance and contrasting white stripes, the Queen bee remains nestled around her colony, a subtle enigma for your brain to unravel.

And if you are struggling to find her, pay attention to the honeycomb and the lower right corner of the honey, which should aid you in spotting the queen bee.

These optical illusions and mental conundrums gain widespread popularity, offering lots of cognitive benefits.

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A queen bee is the reproductive and social leader of a honey bee group. In a honey bee colony, there are three primary types, the queen bee, the worker drone bees, and the worker bees. The queen is the biggest and longest-surviving bee in the colony.

Her main job is to lay eggs and maintain the colony’s survival. She is the only fertile female and mates with drones (male bees) during a short mating flight early in her life.

Once mated, she keeps the sperm and utilises it to fertilize the eggs she lays throughout her lifetime. The queen emits pheromones that aid in maintaining the unity and organization of the group.

Her pheromones help to suppress the reproductive development of the worker bees and keep their loyalty to her as the leader of the colony. The worker bees are female bees that can not lay eggs. They make up the largest group of bees in the colony and perform different tasks to keep the colony working.

Worker bees are responsible for tasks such as foraging for nectar and pollen, nursing the brood, cleaning and maintaining the hive, and guarding the entrance against potential dangers.

Drones are male bees whose main purpose is to mate with a new queen during her mating flight. Drones do not have a stinger and do not get involved in other hive activities like foraging or protecting the hive.

And if you still can’t spot the great queen bee, see the image below:

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