Saturday, 26 Sep 2020

‘Not as simple as that’- Dominic Raab snaps at Kay Burley in coronavirus quarantine row

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Sky News’ Kay Burley argued the UK would drop its current travel quarantine rules as pressure builds from European nations. The UK Government insists that anyone that enters the UK must self-isolate for 14 days to help stop the spread of coronavirus. As French President Emmanuel Macron intends to travel to the UK today, Ms Burley lashed out at Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to claim President Macron will continue to argue the UK to drop this measure immediately.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab argued it wasn’t a simple process and the Government would continue to look at the situation.

Ms Burley said: “What about the quarantine regulations?

“I am going to bet my house that regulations will be lifted by the end of the month.

“President Macron wants them to go straight away, what should we do?”

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Mr Raab replied: “We are going to look at things very carefully.

“As we have always said, quarantine is there to stop the risk of reinfection precisely because we have got COVID-19 down.”

The Sky News host interrupted to insist France had more to lose in comparison to the UK if we allowed easy travel between the two countries.

She said: “Our rates of infection are higher than France’s, our closest neighbour.

“Our rates are worse than theirs, they have got more to lose than us and they are prepared to let us in.”

Mr Raab snapped: “It is not quite as simple as that though.

“Because we have seen in Europe and in Asia, as people come out of lockdown the risk of second waves and second spikes increases.

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“We will look at all the factors very carefully.

“We want to open up as soon as we safely and responsibly can and we will look at all the mechanisms to do so.

“Of course, we will have good conversation with the French about this and I will be in Berlin tomorrow.

“So as you can see, we are talking to all of our European partners about these things.

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