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Nine odd things you might have missed in Spare

King Charles will ‘forgive’ Prince Harry says Petronella Wyatt

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Prince Harry’s memoir and its bombshell revelations have led to a barrage of coverage, from accusations that he was attacked by Prince William to the claim that he killed 25 fighters while on tour in Afghanistan. Harry also dished the dirt on his first time with a woman as well as his suffering from a “frostbitten penis”. Other tidbits that did not make the headlines, however – here’s a round-up of some of the best ones you might have missed.

1. Charles’s has a very notable scent

The King takes smell very seriously to the point where he must have been a bloodhound in another life, Harry muses in Spare. The King’s personal scent of choice is Dior’s Eau Sauvage which costs just over £60.

So fond is Charles of this cologne that it is hard to smell anything else when around him, Harry writes, as his father “slathers” it on his cheeks, neck, and shirt.

Harry describes it as “flowery, with a hint of something harsh, like pepper or gunpowder”.

2. Harry takes inspiration from the Spice Girls

Harry quotes none other than the pop group’s song Wannabe in a section of the book where he recalls attending one of their concerts in South Africa for Nelson Mandela with the then Prince of Wales in 1997.

The quote from the hit song he chose were: “If you want my future, forget my past. If you wanna get with me, better make it fast.”

He was “thrilled” to be seeing the Spice Girls perform in Johannesburg, on what was his first public outing since the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

3. The Queen asked Meghan what she thought about Trump 

Harry claims that when Meghan first met the Queen in 2016 she was quizzed on what she thought of Donald Trump, who was running in the presidential election at the time.

However, the Duchess thought discussing politics would be a “no-win game”, so instead changed the subject to Canada, where she was living at the time.

But in May 2016, when appearing on the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, the now 41-year-old said she would stay living in Canada if Trump won the election, which he ultimately did.

Trump has hit out at Meghan since she entered the royal fold, with the former President allegedly calling her “nasty” and also saying that he was “never” a fan of hers.

4. Harry is good friends with actor Tom Hardy

The Duke reveals that he once turned to the Peaky Blinders actor for help with a costume for a Halloween party in 2016. Hardly kindly helped him with his fancy dress, something he noted he has not had much luck with in the past.

Harry asked to borrow the 45-year-old’s “whole kit” from his stint as Max Rockatansky in the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road. When the Duke emerged from Meghan’s bathroom in his “friend’s” costume, he looked a “little scary” but “unrecognisable” and left the Duchess “roaring with laughter”.

5. Charles keeps a ‘pitiful’ teddybear from his ‘lonely’ childhood

The King carried a teddybear around with him “everywhere” as a child, Harry reveals. Charles took the “pitiful” bear to Gordonstoun, the boarding school in Scotland where he was sent at 13 years old.

It was covered in holes and had “broken arms and dangly threads”. Harry wrote that this inanimate, damaged object expressed the “loneliness” of the Monarch’s childhood. Harry says the King still owns “Teddy” all these years later.

6. Royals compete over number of engagements 

While the Duke does not name names, he claims certain members of the Royal Family were “obsessed” with getting the highest number of official engagements, “feverishly striving” to outdo the rest. However, the list of engagements was allegedly “rigged” as they were self-reported.

7. Harry binge watches Friends

In fact, the Duke describes himself as more than a fan, but a “fanatic”, spending evenings folding laundry and watching the hit TV show.

His dreams seemingly came true during a visit to the US in 2016 where he went to a party at Courtney Cox’s mansion, who played Monica in the series.

He then managed to meet her and admitted that he had always fancied the 58-year-old actress and told his readers that he wondered whether he would ever have the courage to tell her, rhetorically asking: “Was there enough tequila in California to get me that brave?”

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8. Camilla turned Harry’s room into her own when he moved out

Once Harry moved out of Clarence House, Charles and Queen Camilla’s home in London, his stepmother turned what was his bedroom into her own dressing room.

While the Duke tried not to bat an eyelid, he said the first time he saw it he found that he did, in fact, “care”.

9. Charles did daily headstands in his underwear

Each day, the King would do headstands in his underwear. The exercises were prescribed by his physio in order to help alleviate the constant pain he suffered in his neck and back from his days of playing polo.

The King would perform them in a pair of boxers, propping himself against the door, hanging from a bar “like a skilled acrobat”.

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