Friday, 1 Mar 2024

Nicola Bulley could have just ‘walked away,’ says ex-police chief

Nicola Bulley: Dog walker recalls moment he found phone on bench

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Former detective Mark Williams-Thomas, who has been closely following the search for Nicola Bulley, claims it is not impossible that the missing woman simply “walked away” from her old life. The missing mum-of-two has now not been seen in nearly three weeks after she vanished while walking her dog in St Michael’s on Wyre in Lancashire on Friday, January 27. Speaking to the Mirror, Mr Williams-Thomas said his own private investigations on the ground have convinced him that Ms Bulley could have easily have left the scene alive.

Lancashire Police have repeatedly said they are still working on the theory that the 45-year-old woman went into the River Wyre.

However, the popular TV investigator said he believes that Ms Bulley could have left the water down the stream.

He said: “If Nicola returned on the path she came on there’s no CCTV.

“When police say they don’t believe she left the area there’s no certainty in that.”

JUST IN: Dog walker tells of moment he found Nicola Bulley’s phone on bench

He continued: “She could have left on the same route she came on.

“I’ve walked the route and she could easily have disappeared up there without being seen by anybody.

“I think she left this area in one way or another.

“She either left the area further downstream in the water – not at the bench but further downstream where the river is tidal.

“Or she is still in this area having moved away to move on with life.”


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