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Niamh Horan: 'Russian jawline is all the rage among image-obsessed teens'

First there was the ‘thigh gap’, then the ‘Toblerone tunnel’, then next on the list of fad body trends came ‘ribcage bragging’, ‘inguinal lines’, ‘the thigh brow’, ‘hip cleavage’ and finally the painful-looking ‘ab crack’.

Now the latest – and potentially harmful – social media craze which focuses on women’s body image is the ‘Russian jawline’.

The ‘Russian jawline’, Irish aesthetic nurse Kerry Hanaphy explains, is a “sharp, sharp jawline” usually seen in the chiselled bone structure of genetically blessed Eastern European models.

Ms Hanaphy told the Sunday Independent that she had been turning away Irish teenagers who come to her practice hoping to emulate the chiselled faces they are seeing on their social media pages.

“The big thing now is that I have girls as young as 19 who are asking for the Russian jawline,” says Ms Hanaphy. “They are seeing this on their timelines on Instagram.

“Young girls want to completely change their faces so they can all look like models.

“But what they are asking for is completely abnormal, and when I say, ‘no’, they will go to someone else for it. And usually someone along the way, often not even a trained nurse, doctor or dentist, will grant their request.

“It’s frightening. Traditionally the industry was about women, who were getting older and wanted to bring out the best in themselves or to hold back the clock with touch-ups, but now young girls seem to just completely want to change themselves.”

The treatment works by sculpting and shaping the jawline using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. A long cannula needle is inserted in the skin surrounding the jawbone to tighten and smooth its appearance.

Ms Hanaphy, who operates a cosmetic surgery clinic of the same name on Dublin’s South William Street, says teenagers are desperately seeking the treatment.

Lithuanian-born model Irma Mali has been living and working in Ireland for 15 years. The 34-year-old was born with a naturally razor-sharp jawline and says the pressure from online influencers to better your appearance is relentless – even for those in the modelling industry.

“It’s frightening that young girls are going for these procedures. It’s easy for me to say ‘I don’t recommend anything’ but I do think every girl is pretty the way she is,” she said.

Hollywood stars with pointed jawlines include Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Robin Wright and Keira Knightley, while in the fashion world models Irina Shayk and Olivia Culpo are both famed for their taut angles.

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