Thursday, 1 Jun 2023

Newlyweds’ fury as cameraman says ‘f***ing mugs’ in £1.6k video of day

Newlyweds were shocked after footage captured their wedding photographer insulting their guests, branding them “f****** mugs”. Lee and Lois Ghost-Adderly overheard the insults after receiving a video by filmmaker James David who is heard saying: “What’s the f*** wrong with these people” during their wedding in Faversham, Kent. The bride said the couple have been left with a “sour taste in the mouth” after watching it back.

The couple, both 28, paid £1,600 for the package but initially had some “niggles” about the film over the lack of shots of the newlyweds’ families.

Lois said: “That said, we were still very happy after our wedding celebrations and I didn’t want to rock the boat, so we didn’t complain.”

In October 2022, more than a year after their wedding, the couple were preparing to welcome their first child and were contacted by Mr David who told them the footage would be deleted from their website.

Lois and Lee had not received footage of their first dance with the original audio so asked if that could be sent to them.

Lois said: “He said he did, and could in fact send us all raw footage for an additional £100.

“We had already paid £1,600 for his services and felt like this was a bit steep, but it meant a lot to us to have this footage so we agreed.”

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Last week the couple managed to watch the footage but were shocked at what they found.

Lee said: “One delightful video jumped out to us, which is of our friends and family.

“You can hear James in the background stating to his girlfriend/photographer. ‘What is wrong with these people? F***ing mugs’, in relation to our wedding guests.

“It does leave a sour taste in the mouth when we look back at everything now.”

Mr David said he would reach out to the couple to “resolve the situation”.

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