Saturday, 26 Nov 2022

Neighbours’ row as passive aggressive notes left outside homes

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People have responded to a passive-aggressive note that was left on every door in a street complaining of a “serenading trumpeter”.

The hilarious note is addressed to: “The trumpeter who moved into a flat around here in July and has been playing disturbing dissonant music every lunchtime since.”

The author of the note writes, “You are very talented yes, but please be aware that your daily practice can be heard by every person in the courtyard of our buildings. 100+ people, some of which work at home and would like to not be forced to listen to your chromatic scales reverbing off the walls and into the brains every time they are having lunch”.

The post has gained a lot of attention, with people arguing for and against the mystery trumpeter on Lorne Street, Edinburgh.

One poster wrote “If you don’t like other people’s noise…go live in a bungalow, not a stair! Playing an instrument is a wonderful talent!”

Another writes, “Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected” and “The brass neck of them.”

The original poster is partially deaf, so she can luckily not hear it in the front half of her flat.

She told Edinburgh Live: “They are really good actually; I find it fun to listen to.”

Others commented that they are lucky that it is lunch time, the mystery trumpeter plays the instrument, and that it is better than the middle of the night.

The note continues, “Please also consider:

  • chronically ill people who are in their beds, already in enough pain
  • babies/ nightshift workers trying to sleep
  • Leithers already demented from the sounds of the never-ending tram works”.

Some have commented that it would be unreasonable and pretty excessive to expect the person to soundproof a room and it would also be “insanely expensive”.

And a few commenters joked: “I AM THE TRUMPETER”.

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