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‘My boyfriend’s got a new job and he’s now earning half my salary’

A woman expressed her disappointment her boyfriend has taken a job that pays half her own salary.

The Mumsnet user took to the message board to sound out fellow members about her dilemma.

She explained her partner had been struggling to find a job but has now taken one which pays significantly less than he was previously paid – and equates to half her salary.

And now, she claims, they will be unable to buy the house they had been saving for.

She talked about it on the AIBU board – which is an acroynm for for Am I Being Unreasonable.

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She wrote: “DP [Dearest Partner] lost his job in April (a job he hated) and has been doing nothing since, just living off savings/decent redundancy money. 

“Totally fine, because he needed a break. I wasn’t concerned. 

“He applied for several jobs but was rejected at final stage for all of them, and he was becoming disheartened. 

“So he felt compelled to take a job that’s MUCH more junior, paying significantly less than he was on before. 

“Less than half his last salary in fact.  He’s now earning half my salary too. 

“I know it shouldn’t but it bothers me. Everyone else moves jobs and gets raises.” 

The woman explained her partner “doesn’t seem bothered” but they couldn’t afford to buy a house.

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She asks her fellow members if her partner should have held out for a better offer.

Fellow posters were quick to respond – and their opinions were divided.

One said: “You are not being unreasonable to be disappointed but would you rather he didn’t work at all? This is a springboard back into the world of work. 

“Hopefully, this role will boost his confidence after a bruising experience and time out and he can progress from here.”

Another said: “It depends what he is like as a person. For some people, being in a job won’t stop them looking for a better one. 

“For others having a job will mean they don’t continue the search. I would much prefer my dh [dearest husband] not to take any job as I know he would immediately feel comfortable and stop looking.”

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