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Mum horrified after owner of dog who mauled her son to death is released

A mum has been left horrified after the owner of the dog who mauled her child had been enjoying days out from prison.

Emma Whitfield, 32, was shocked to discover that Amy Salter, 29, had been having regular days out from prison since she was jailed for three years last June.

Salter was sent to prison after her seven-stone dog known as Beast fatally mauled 10-year-old Jack Lis in 2021.

Ms Whitfield said Salter had been allowed out regularly over the past few months.

She added that she had never had an apology from Salter over the incident.

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Ms Whitfield told the Mirror: “She’s been allowed out on a regular basis over the past few months.

“She was jailed in June 2022 and since then has tried every opportunity to get out early.

“Within the first six months of her sentence, the day before the first anniversary of Jack’s death, she tried to get moved to an open prison.

“Thankfully, this was not granted.”

Ms Whitfield added: “I have never received so much as an apology from this woman.”

Ms Whitfield said she was still haunted by the image of a police officer dragging her injured son out of a house in Caerphilly.

Beast was later shot dead by police at the house where Salter had been looking after the dog for 19-year-old Brandon Hayden.

Hayden was later jailed for four and a half years at a young offender institution.

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Jack Lis was one of 14 people killed by Bully dogs since 2021. Ms Whitfield said the dog which killed her son had been a “ticking bomb” and could not understand why Salter and Hayden’s sentences had been so short.

She added: “Somebody can get up to 14 years, but only if the dog is used as a weapon and set on someone.

“I don’t understand why people responsible for their dog killing someone can get so little.”

Ms Whitfield is now campaigning for new legislation, known as a “Jack Lis Law”, to crack down on dangerous dogs.

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