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Monarchy to stay: ‘Queen more popular now than she has been at any point’

Queen 'is more popular now than in years before' says Francis

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Support for the monarchy has continued to prevail among the UK population despite republican campaigns to scrap the monarchy and replace the Queen with an elected head of state. As the Queen celebrated 70 years on the throne, the nation has come together in a signifier of continued support for the royal family and monarchy. Royal historian, Professor Martin Francis explained Queen Elizabeth’s popularity has grown steadily throughout her reign and the monarch has gradually reached the pinnacle of royal support despite vicious protest calls to end sovereign reign within the UK. Mr Francis said: “I mean, it’s extraordinary, it’s the longest English reign.”

The royal historian added: “Obviously, it’s comparable, in British history, with Queen Victoria’s 60 plus years.

“It’s almost unfathomable to think about sometimes in the sense that there are very few of us around who don’t remember her being the monarch, it really is quite dramatic in those terms, yes.”

In his analysis of the Queen’s reign, Mr Francis said: “In a reign over 70 years, arguably she’s more popular now than she has been at any point throughout her reign, certainly more popular maybe than she was in the 1990s and at the time of the death of Princess Diana.

“I think, in a way, we’ve settled into a moment now where we’re comfortable with having a monarchy.”

Mr Francis highlighted the security of the monarchy in the clear line of succession of future rulers right through to Prince George.

He said: “We have a clear succession now, through to Prince William and, indeed, even beyond.

“The Royal Family is acting under the notion that there is going to be continuity and they are clearly building roles around Prince Charles and, indeed, Prince William to be prepared for that.

“Public opinion can change, but I think where probably the debates are going to be about is whether we want to have an extended Royal Family with minor royals.”

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The royal historian suggested any future criticism concerning the monarchy would likely centre around the brevity of royal members rather than oppose the existence of the royal family altogether.

Mr Francis continued: “I think republican groups would feel they would get some traction with that.

“I’m not sure they’re going to find much traction actually thinking about not seeing Prince Charles succeed.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

The professor concluded that the core members of the royal family remain in favour among the British population.

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Despite the consistent and rising support for Queen Elizabeth, republican campaigns have repeatedly called for an end to the monarchy in the United Kingdom.

Anti-monarchy group Republic has launched a campaign brandishing the slogan “make Elizabeth the last.”

The group advocates for the abolition of the monarchy and the removal of the Queen as head of state, with her replacement being a publicly elected head of state that would act independently of the Government.

A statement outlining the motivations of Republic reads: “It’s simple. Hereditary public office goes against every democratic principle.”

In his analysis of royal stability, despite the aims of groups such as Republic, Mr Francis asserts that the longevity of the Queen’s reign and the nation’s involvement in Jubilee celebrations is a strong indication that the British public still backs the royal family.

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