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Moment traffic wardens beaten up in the street after council goes bankrupt

Birmingham: Traffic wardens attacked on streets of Sparkhill

Shocking footage has shown the horrific moment two traffic wardens were beaten up in Birmingham, just hours after the council announced it had gone bankrupt.

The horrifying footage was filmed on Stratford Road in the Sparkhill area of the city on the same day the bankruptcy was revealed.

The person who allegedly attacked the two traffic wardens reportedly did so in reaction to the news on Tuesday.

The video of the attack shows one warden being kneed in the face while another has punches thrown at him.

Witnesses said the attackers claimed the wardens had “no power anymore”.

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One witness told the MailOnline: “These guys were just doing their jobs and obviously have nothing to do with what’s going on at the council.

“They were saying they had no power any more around here and several idiots tried to drive them out of the area using the bankruptcy stuff as an excuse.

“It does make you worry what’s going through these people’s heads. They haven’t got a clue and I fear things could escalate.

“It’s like they believe the authorities have no power over them anymore.”

The witness added: “What is attacking traffic wardens going to achieve anyway?

“It’s just moronic behaviour and it took place in broad daylight in front of families with children.”

In response to the attack, a Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: “Nobody should suffer abuse or assault for simply trying to do their job and we will be contacting the company that employs the officers to ensure they are OK and see if any support is needed.”

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said officers were investigating the attack.

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In a statement, Inspector Neil Kirkpatrick said: “We’re aware of video footage of the attack circulating on social media which shows a particularly nasty assault on two traffic enforcement officers.

“No one should have to be subjected to violence in the course of their work and I’m relieved they did not suffer more serious injuries.

“We’re determined to bring their assailants to justice and I ask that anyone who witnessed the assault or who has information should contact us if they haven’t already done so.”

Hours before the attack, Birmingham City Council said it was bankrupt after being hit by a bill for £760m.

In a statement, the Labour-run council said: “Birmingham City Council has issued a s.114 notice as part of the plans to meet the council’s financial liabilities relating to equal pay claims and an in-year financial gap within its budget which currently stands in the region of £87m.

“In June, the council announced it had a potential liability relating to equal pay claims in the region of £650m to £760m, with an ongoing liability accruing at a rate of £5m to £14m per month.

“The council is still in a position where it must fund the equal pay liability that has accrued to date [in the region of £650m to £760m], but it does not have the resources to do so.

“The council’s senior officers and members are committed to dealing with the financial situation and when more information is available it will be shared.”

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