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Met Office pinpoints parts of Britain set to heat up the most

Mercury levels in the UK are all set to soar as temperatures are expected to reach 20C over the next weekend. West and northwest parts of the country are most likely to stay warm towards the end of the month, suggested the Met Office.

The warmest temperature in the UK this year so far year was reached in Northern Ireland on April 16, with Derrylin in the southwest reaching 18C.

A forecast by the Met Office stated: “High pressure is likely to remain centred to the north or northeast of the UK through late-April, leading to a fair amount of fine and dry weather persisting, although the chance of showers, mainly in the south, remains.

“Temperatures likely rather warm to warm towards the end of the month, especially in the west and northwest.

“Some eastern coasts may stay cooler, and perhaps locally chilly overnight in sheltered parts.”

According to the weather experts, temperatures are looking to be lower after mid-week as a strengthening easterly or northeasterly wind picks up and brings cooler air.

It will be sunnier until Thursday, but from then on into Friday and perhaps the weekend, more in the way of cloud and some showery rain look to spread from the east across England and Wales.

Scotland, especially the north, looks to stay drier and sunnier.

Nick Finnis, a meterologist with said: “The coastal area of the Moray Firth, the triangular area of the North Sea to the north and east of Inverness in the north of Scotland and perhaps some other parts of northern Scotland to the lee of high ground may get close to 20C Monday or Tuesday afternoon.

“Those hoping for a warm last third of April may be disappointed to hear that current and recent model ensemble guidance points to cooler than average temperatures perhaps spreading south from around a week’s time and perhaps lasting through towards the end of the month.”

The highest temperature recorded in the UK during this time of the year was in 1949 in London at 29.4C.

Data from the last two years shows that the highest UK temperature during this time of the year in 2022 was 23.4C at St James Park (London) on 15 April.

Similarly, in 2021, the highest UK temperature recorded in April was 21.4 at Treknow (Cornwall) on April 1.

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The Met Office further advises that, between Tuesday 18 April and Thursday 27 April, much of the UK is to experience fine, dry conditions amidst high pressure.

The beginning of May is likely to remain settled, but meteorologists said that confidence is low so far, so unsettled weather is a possibility too.

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