Sunday, 25 Jul 2021

Meghan Markle was ‘disappointed’ ex-husband Trevor ‘didn’t cast her’ in his film projects

Meghan Markle’s book ‘wasn’t best seller’ says host

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Meghan this week announced that she is creating a miniseries for Netflix, ‘Pearl’. Reports suggest the Duchess of Sussex has been working on the project since 2018, while she and Prince Harry were working members of the Royal Family. The show, when created and published, will be a part of the couple’s £109million contract with the streaming giant.

While Meghan has no experience in this aspect of the creative industry, she has plenty of hours logged in the world of acting.

It took her years before she landed what would be a successful and lucrative role in the hit drama, ‘Suits’.

Before this, Meghan’s time in Hollywood was spent going from pillar to post, eventually ending up as a briefcase girl on the US’ version of Deal or No Deal.

While she toiled, her partner, Trevor Engelson, was building a name for himself in the world of TV and film production.

The pair met in 2004, later tying the knot in 2011.

Yet, they separated after just 18 months of marriage and finalised their divorce in 2013.

Mr Engelson launched a talent agency from scratch while Meghan struggled to climb the Hollywood ladder.

Around the time of their marriage, success struck, with Mr Engelson’s work taking off and Meghan being offered the Suits role.

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Before this, however, Andrew Morton, a royal author, writing in his book, ‘Meghan: A Hollywood Princess’, claimed that Meghan was frustrated that her partner was not helping her acting endeavours.

According to Nicki Swift, Mr Morton revealed that Meghan was at times “disappointed” that Mr Engelson “didn’t help get her cast” in more of his projects.

In 2006, Mr Engelson was part of a production team for the film, ‘License to Wed’, starring Robin Williams.

He did not find a role for his girlfriend, however.


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Mr Morton wrote: “During Meghan’s time on Deal or No Deal, Trevor had a film in production, a marital comedy ‘Licence to Wed’ starring funny man Robin Williams and Mandy Moore.

“Meghan secretly hoped there would be a role for her, but the bit-parts that might have suited her went to more experienced actresses who had worked with the director Ken Kwapis on the TV series The Office.

“It was to become a source of conflict between the couple, Meghan becoming disappointed that Trevor didn’t try harder to include her in some of his productions.”

While many saw Meghan’s role on Deal or No Deal as a fantastic opportunity, she is said to have viewed it more as a stepping stone to a more serious job, constantly attending auditions.

As time went on, Meghan reportedly “continuously nagged” Trevor to get her cast in something he was producing and, as he became more successful, he was able to throw her “a few crumbs”.

He first cast her as a secretary in the short film, ‘The Candidate’, later offering her a bit part role in, ‘Remember Me’, starring Robert Pattinson, which ended up being his biggest hit to date.

Mr Morton wrote: “Meghan did her best to shine as the beautiful, talented, as well as supportive girlfriend of a bona fide mover and shaker, who could now afford to give Meghan a few crumbs from his groaning pile of scripts.

“At least it would stop her continuously nagging him to give her a part in one of his productions.”

Meghan eventually landed the spot on Suits, after which her and Mr Engelson’s marriage slowly broke down.

While he was based in LA, Meghan was in Toronto – a five hour flight away.

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