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Meghan Markle warned she ‘must be careful’ with ‘imminent’ Instagram return

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Meghan Markle has been warned she should “be careful” if she goes ahead with returning to Instagram in the coming weeks.

The Duchess of Sussex is believed to be planning an “imminent” return to the social media platform after shutting down her previous profile ahead of her engagement to Prince Harry in 2018.

Social media expert Eric Schiffer argued the move would be a major win for Meghan as she could quickly become one of the most-followed celebrities on the platform.

But he also warned she would need to carefully consider which products to promote should she make a complete shift to an influencer career.

Schiffer said she will need to ensure she does not appear as if she were “hawking every product under the sun.”

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He said: “She will align with quality brands and companies that are on point with her political and social beliefs.”

The social media expert also suggested Meghan could be in for a hefty paycheck whenever she shares a new post.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Schiffer continued: “You have celebrities like the Kardashians who can command $1 million (£795,000) and up for a single post promoting a product.

“There is no reason Meghan couldn’t be earning those sorts of fees.”

A source close to the Duchess suggested over the weekend that Meghan’s return to Instagram is “imminent”, noting she had signalled she was ready for a comeback in the past.

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They said: “Everyone in Hollywood is talking about the re-launch being imminent. Meghan has never made any secret of the fact she wants to return to Instagram.”

Her return to Instagram was no major secret, as Meghan already revealed her plans during an interview with The Cut released shortly before the late Queen’s death last year.

The Duchess candidly said: “I’m getting back…on Instagram.” The account @meghan, which features a snap of a flower as its profile picture, was created only a few weeks before the interview took place.

Fans immediately zeroed in on the account and suggested the picture was further confirmation of a link to Meghan because of the nickname her mother Doria Ragland has been calling her since childhood – “flower.”

The Duchess’s long-awaited return to social media falls in line with reports suggesting she has been planning to embrace a new career as an influencer now she and Prince Harry are fully settled in California.

She has maintained the copyright of her old blog The Tig despite shutting it down in April 2017 – fueling further speculation the blog could also be re-launched as part of her next big career move.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, the creator of the podcast ToDiFor Daily, argued earlier this year that Meghan had signaled her goal was to “reclaim her identity” with a potential social media comeback.

Schofield said: “Harry and Meghan have told us repeatedly through multiple projects that Meghan gave up everything for Harry.

“Perhaps this is Meghan trying to reclaim her identity, telling the world that she is more than Harry’s plus 1.”

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