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Meghan Markle ‘immensely proud’ of Harry as Duchess eager to let him shine

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Meghan Markle is “immensely proud” of Prince Harry and her gestures have highlighted how close and in tune the couple are with each other, a body language expert claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex was featured briefly in the Duke’s latest Netflix project Heart of Invictus, letting her husband take the lead as he discussed his involvement with the upcoming Invictus Games.

Darren Stanton noted Meghan was happy to take a step back to allow Harry to show how “passionate” he is about the project.

He also noted the Duchess appeared in additional footage showing the Duke delivering a speech during a previous edition of the Games – and said her body language showed how “proud” she is of Harry and his achievements.

Speaking to the Daily Express US, Stanton said: “In one of the scenes Meghan attended a meeting with Harry and the Archwell team.

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“I don’t think Meghan tends to give a great deal away when she’s in front of the camera, but she did appear happy as she sat with Harry.

“While Harry is extremely passionate about the Games, Meghan appeared content to let him get on with it. I just think she has this default gesture of a standard smile and a level of engagement.

“In terms of emotions, we don’t really tend to see Meghan get overly emotional.”

Discussing video of Harry speaking to contestants and their families and friends, Stanton pointed out Meghan ensured to be slightly off centre stage to allow her husband to be in the spotlight.

He also noted the Duchess kept her hands close to her heart, and her eyes fixed on Harry as he spoke – yet another sign of her deep affection for him.

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Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, Stanton added: “We also saw Meghan supporting Harry as he made a speech on stage. The moment was very authentic.

“She had her hands clasped together, which is a sign of pride and love. She was holding her hands close to her heart unconsciously and she had a fixed eyegaze.

“Her smile was extremely authentic, which is when the whole face is engaged. She was immensely proud of Harry at that moment.”

Harry will travel alone to Germany after a brief visit to the UK this week, and Meghan is expected to join him after the opening ceremony.

The Invictus Games have long played a special role in the couple’s romance, as they made their official debut at the Toronto edition in 2017.

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Meghan Markle ‘immensely proud’ of Prince Harry as Duchess eager to let him shine alone

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