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Man’s ‘decade-long’ revenge on neighbours

Neighbours can definitely cause frustration at times, whether it’s from incessant DIY projects, loud music or just general annoying habits. But one man had enough and took revenge.

Neighbours can cause disruption and even change the way you feel about your home. For one man, his dad’s neighbours took annoyance to a whole new level when they prevented him from building an extension to his property, claiming it would “block the sunlight” to their own home.

Rather than sitting idly by, the man’s dad hatched a revenge plan that would take years to unfold.

According to a post on Reddit, the man revealed his father decided to plant a row of trees along the boundary separating the two properties. Little did the neighbours know that these trees would eventually reach towering heights, easily surpassing the height of the proposed extension.

In a post on Reddit, the man said: “When I was young my father applied for planning permission to build an extension but it was opposed by a neighbour and their excuse was that it would block the sunlight to their property. So my dad planted a row of a dozen or so small trees. I don’t know what they’re called but they look like Christmas trees and they grow very tall – I think they’re a sort of pine.

“Anyway, after a few years, they’d grown taller than our house and completely blocked out the so-called sunlight to our neighbour’s property. The situation was so petty that I don’t even think the neighbours noticed it because they’ve never said a word about it.”

Years passed, and the trees flourished beyond expectations, eventually surpassing the height of their own house and effectively blocking out any sunlight that would have reached the neighbour’s property.

Commenters on the Reddit post wasted no time in praising the man’s dad for his brilliantly executed revenge plan.

Many applauded his patience and strategic thinking. One commenter remarked: “Slow and steady wins the revenge! Well played, Dad.” Another added: “Oh, your dad played the long game! Hell YEAH! +100 cool points.” A third commenter said: “Good for your dad for his decade-long revenge plan.”

Some astute observers pointed out an interesting twist to the story. Now the trees effectively block the neighbour’s sunlight, the man’s dad could reapply for planning permission, as the neighbour can no longer use sunlight obstruction as a valid reason for opposition.

One commenter said: “The real revenge would have been to re-apply for the extension but then be able to show that blocking sunlight was not a valid reason to deny.”

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