Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

Man ‘screaming’ of terror after feeling bone breaking in dog attack

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A middle-aged man feared he was “going to die” when a dog attacked him during his morning stroll and had him “screaming” when he felt his “bone breaking”. Chris Oakes, 40, was on his way home with his Staffordshire bull terriers, Frank and Betty, when the American bulldog wrenched his arm, tore the skin open, and viciously attacked the broken bone. While the decorator had three-year-old Frank on a lead, his girlfriend was with two-year-old Betty. 

Chris told the Daily Mirror: “I was screaming, my girlfriend was screaming. When I felt my bone breaking in its mouth I shouted ‘I’m going to die’.”

The 40-year-old recounted he “heard” something “sprinting” from behind him towards his girlfriend and him. He described the dog as “so quick” it was “already on us” by the time he “turned round”. 

He said: “It immediately latched on to my dog. As I turned round to get my dog away from it, it grabbed onto my arm and tried pulling me to the ground.

“I felt my arm break straight away in its mouth.”

He added: “It was like he had a rope in its mouth. It was shaking my arm from side to side. It was trying to rip my arm off. I thought I was going to die.”

The dog tore his flesh by tearing through the fabric of his work hoodie, leaving a “lot of blood everywhere”.

Chris was able to break free from the dog after it came back again and finally “ran off”. He was admitted to the hospital for treatment of an open fracture in his right forearm.

The doctor said it had “chewed” the ulna bone in his forearm, according to Chris, whose left ring finger was also severely bitten. 

Following the incident in January, Chris, from Chadderton, Greater Manchester, stayed at Royal Oldham Hospital for three days.

He had 22 stitches, a metal plate, and six pins put into his arm. Chris’ finger required eight stitches as well. He still wears a cast, which prevents him from working because his wounds have not completely recovered.

Despite reporting the incident, Chris claimed the police said they would not investigate the case further because he did not know the dog’s owner. 

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He said: “All I wanted them to do was drive around because I live next to a school and I said it could have been a child that was attacked.”

The decorator believes the dogs’ “aggressive” behaviour is the result of owners’ “abuse” and “mistreatment”. 

Dog attacks have been on the rise since 2020 with a 26 percent increase. 8,655 admissions to the hospital were due to dog bites and injuries in 2021­ and 2022. 

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