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Man 'accidentally' stabbed his mum to death during fight with drug dealer

A man ‘accidentally’ stabbed his mum in the heart and liver, before hugging her and fleeing the scene, a court has heard.

Karen Dempsey, 55, was knifed at a sports bar in Kirkby, Liverpool, on August 22 last year.

Her son, Jamie Dempsey, is accused of murdering her during a fight with his drug dealer, Brian Flynn, who he owed a debt of some £2,000.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the 32-year-old was ‘glassed’ inside the premises by Mr Flynn, who was also then stabbed.

Afterwards, Dempsey claimed to have been acting in self-defence, telling police: ‘I was scared for my life, what do you want me to do?’

Peter Glenser KC, prosecuting, said the mother and son had arranged to meet for a drink in the bar, even though Dempsey had raised concerns about his foe being there.

Jurors heard a fight broke out about half an hour after the pair had arrived in the premises, with Mr Flynn hurling a glass at the defendant, smashing it in the back of his head.

Mr Flynn then ‘followed up this assault with punches’ thrown at Dempsey as Ms Dempsey and others managed to restrain him.

But Mr Flynn then picked up a second glass and again chucked it at Dempsey who fled the bar via the back door.

Another confrontation erupted outside, with Dempsey now clutching a knife in his right hand.

He stabbed Mr Flynn at least twice before a man, referred to in court only as ‘Male A’.

Ms Dempsey also attempted to intervene, but the blade ‘made contact’ with her chest, piercing her heart and liver.

The fighting ceased and Dempsey hugged his mum before fleeing the scene of the crime, leaving her with blood pouring down her dress.

Ms Dempsey, a grandmother, was rushed to Aintree University Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 9.45pm.

A ‘heavily bloodstained’ Mr Flynn was stopped by police nearby and arrested. He too was taken to hospital after suffering serious injuries, having being stabbed in left armpit.

Dempsey was later dropped off outside a closed police station by a friend. After phoning Merseyside Police, he told them ‘he was wanted’ – not yet knowing his mum was dead.

In a recording played to the court, he said: ‘I have been accused of stabbing someone tonight but I haven’t. It was in self-defence. There’s been an altercation. I’ve defended myself.’

Dempsey, of Brechin Road, Kirkby, is defended by Timothy Cray KC, and denies murder. The trial continues.

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