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Lucy Letby victim mum heartbroken at baby’s funeral day before her due date

Ex-Justice Secretary on Lucy Letby's court refusal

The mother of Baby D, one of Lucy Letby’s victims has revealed her prematurely born daughter’s funeral took place before her actual due date.

And she revealed the tragedy had destroyed her life and caused her to comtemplate ending it.

Speaking of her baby in a moving witness statement before Letby was sentenced for seven murders and six attempted murders, the mum, who like all victims of the serial killer has been granted anonymity by the court, said: “My heart broke into a million pieces when [baby D] lost her battle for life and it unleashed hell.”

Letby killed the baby by injecting air into her bloodstream, she explained.

She added: “We had to organise her funeral.

The service took place the day before her due date.

“I missed [baby D] so much. I was desperate to feel her, smell her, cuddle her. I was desperate to keep her safe.”

Holding a toy belonging to her daughter, Baby D’s mother continued: “I have lost my confidence as a mother, as a woman, as a friend, as a wife.

“My marriage is also scarred… it has been hard to keep strong together at times.

“Since [baby D] passed away I live behind my own shadow… I had a car accident and I crashed into a wall.”

“I considered ending it all. I couldn’t continue… I was hoping that so hard that if i went to the other side I would see my daughter. My prayers have given me the courage to stay.”

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