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‘Loving daddy’s boy’, 5, suddenly collapses and dies

The parents of a “loving and affectionate” boy want answers after his sudden death at the age of five. Lucuis Corry, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, died after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Parents Joanne and John have spoken out about the pain they feel and their determination to get answers over their child’s death in August last year.

Joanne told Belfast Live: “We want to know if he could have been saved.”

Lucuis, who had Down Syndrome, was a bit off colour when he joined family members on a trip to Belfast’s Funtasia theme park with local community group, the Market Development Association.

Despite having a sore stomach, Lucuis insisted he wanted to go, but after 10 minutes of playing he got back into his pram, saying, “No”.

Joanne said Lucuis vomited when her mum tried to take him out of his pram for a feed so the family returned home early.

The worried mum called the out of hours service, but said she was told to carry on with what she was doing.

But Joanne said Lucuis could not settle all night so they took him for a drive at 3am to see if that would help.

The little lad pointed to his groin and said, “Ouch”, before Joanne returned to her son after going to put her shoes on ready to go out.

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When she went back into her son’s room she saw blood coming from Lucuis’s nose.

As Joanne and John were bringing their son downstairs, they noticed that his lips were turning blue.

Lucuis was still responsive when his dad lifted him up before he and his frantic parents raced their boy to the hospital.

John, in a desperate bid to keep Lucuis going, told him, “Come on son, we are going to Funky Monkeys”, to which he replied: “Yes, daddy”.

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It was then that little Lucuis drew his last breath.

Joanne said: “When we got to the Royal, he was unresponsive. I was beeping the horn and the doctor came straight out and was working on him for about 45 minutes.

“The consultant said they were doing everything they could. He went back in again to try again. But 15 minutes later, there was nothing.”

She added that medics carried out blood tests, saying Lucuis had two infections, but these would not have caused him to suffer a cardiac arrest.

The family told Belfast Live that a coroner’s report showed Lucuis suffered a cardiac arrest, but they want answers over what caused their little boy’s ordeal.

They have called for an inquest into Lucuis’ death so they can have closure.

Joanne said: “We want to know if he could have been saved. If he was seen earlier, could that have saved him? Maybe it wouldn’t have, but we would just like some answers. The hospital was amazing with Lucuis. They done amazing.

“I just want to know why we couldn’t have brought him to out of hours. We phoned them at 6pm on the Saturday and we waited four hours for a call back. Lucuis died at 5am on Sunday morning.”

Paying tribute to her son, Joanne said: “He was always a daddy’s boy and loved his holidays. When he saw the suitcases coming, he was away to get his swimming gear and that was him ready.

“He was just a wee charmer, a great wee child.”

John said Lucuis – who enjoyed watching Mr Tumble, Dairy Milk Buttons and school – left an imprint on anyone who met him with his charm and character.

He added: “He just was such a loving and affectionate child. He would have given hugs and kisses to anybody.”

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