Saturday, 31 Oct 2020

Long-term COVID warning: ICU doctor reports having coronavirus symptoms for three months

An intensive care doctor is warning people of the frightening effects of “long-term COVID” ahead of lockdown lifting – as he is still suffering symptoms three months on.

Dr Jake Suett, 31, was helping Britain tackle coronavirus for only a week before he developed symptoms on 20 March.

The ICU doctor, who works for the NHS in Norfolk, had no underlying health conditions and went to the gym four or five times a week.

But what first appeared to be tiredness and a sore throat soon turned into a fever, dry cough and shortness of breath.

Twelve weeks on, he is still suffering chest pain, breathlessness, blurred vision, memory loss, a high temperature, concentration problems – and is unable to work.

He told Sky News: “I still get out of breath doing the washing up or walking around the house.

“I spent three days just gasping for breath in bed, I really thought I was going to die, it was very distressing.

“Things have improved since then, but not much and only very, very slowly. I’ve had gastrointestinal symptoms and shooting pains in my hands and feet too.”

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