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Lonely dog still searching for a home 6 years after being dumped by owners

An elderly dog that was abandoned in a shed by his owner as they moved out of the country is still looking for a forever home after spending more than six years in rescue centres.

Labrador Mastiff crossbreed Mike, aged 12, has struggled to find a new owner as he gets anxious around children and needs to be in a home with adults who are in every day.

The pooch has lived in rehoming centres for almost seven years after he was rescued in 2016 by the Dogs Trust.

Whilst the “gentle giant” feels uneasy around children, he is very affectionate with adults, loves chilling out, relaxing, and receiving lots of love from human friends and snuggling up on the sofa.

He is also very social around other dogs, My London reports.

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It is advised Mike gets an adult only home where he will have the time to build a bond with his new owners at his own pace and anyone visiting the house would need to be over the age of 18.

And initially, he will need owners who have no leaving hours to begin with, however, this can then be built up over time. He would like to be the only dog in the home but enjoys going on walks with other dogs.

Moore, Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Harefield, in Hillingdon, West London, said: “Mike epitomises the term, gentle giant. He is a lovely lad, who is looking to live out his twilight years in a loving home.

“Mike has experienced multiple home visits with our canine carers. He settles in well and likes to follow people around the house for comfort. We would love for Mike to finally get that forever home he truly deserves – he is a very cheeky, happy-go-lucky boy who is truly adored by everyone here at the centre.”

If you think you can offer Mike a forever home, please visit the Dogs Trust site here.

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