Friday, 8 Dec 2023

‘Locals shun me because of my OnlyFans – but I’ve saved nearly £60k to leave’

A mum who claims she is “shunned by locals” in her tiny village because of her OnlyFans career says she is having the last laugh – as she has saved up almost £60,000 to leave.

Laura Whyte has previously claimed other women in Aberchirder, Aberdeenshire, have complained about her raunchy content – due to fears their husbands might see it.

However the 30-year-old mother-of-two has carried on filming and now says she is making more than £5,000 a month as a result.

She claims she is now in the top 1.5 percent of creators and fans have helped her save a deposit of nearly £60k in just two years, which she plans to use to leave the Scottish village.

Laura hopes to build a property where she can house rescued animals – her dream – and build a studio she can rent out to other OnlyFans creators.

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She said: “We’ve got enough money for an extension on a two-bed but what we want is an acre of land as well and outbuildings as I’m planning on renovating one for a studio for myself.

“I’d also rent it out to other OnlyFans creators, I think it would be quite different to offer a place to do content creation for a small fee.

“And rescuing animals is what I want to do, it’s always been at the top of my list to do my wildlife courses and hopefully do wildlife rehabilitation and care for them if they’ve been hurt.

“We’re not in it for any fanciness or keeping up with Joneses or anything like that – I’ve managed to add £30k to our deposit in just a year.”

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Laura joined OnlyFans in September 2021 to boost her income.

She says the money quickly started rolling in – and now she has a dedicated following of subscribers who want to see her achieve her dream of owning a house.

Laura says she feels like she’s providing for her family, despite some neighbours strongly disapproving of her career choice and allegedly even threatening to call the police. 

She said: “People assume because you’re still here you’re making nothing but that’s not how you save money, you’ve got to build it up.

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“It’s just a less stressful life now, we’re not having to wake up worrying about how to get our next meal.

“When I was younger, we were living off £40-a-week. It was horrible. So now I have an appreciation for managing to achieve for my family.

“The most I’ve had tipped in a month was £1k from a man who just wanted to help me achieve the dream of owning a house.

“I’ve got a fair few followers that have been there from when I first started, so I think they’re excited as well.”

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