Thursday, 17 Jun 2021

Let it go! Brexit fury as Lord Adonis demands Britain rejoin EU – ‘Won’t happen’

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The suggestion was made by Lord Adonis, who heads the pro-EU European Movement UK. Lord Adonis previously served under the leadership of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Brussels is insisting Britain fully implement customs checks on goods travelling between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

However, this is infuriating unionists who argue it undermines British sovereignty.

French President Emmanuel Macron has threatened to veto any compromise with the UK.

Taking to Twitter Lord Adonis said: “Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has no friends.

“He hates it because it could lead to the end of Northern Ireland.

“And businesses and the public hate it because it makes them poorer and stops them travelling and trading.

“So how about rejoining the EU?”

The tweet sparked a furious debate, with Brexiteers urging Lord Adonis to accept the historic 2016 referendum result.

Guy Davis posted: “It won’t happen, Andrew.

“At some point, you’ll have to let it go and focus on the future. A great future in fact.”

Graham Everett added: “Thankfully not in your lifetime.

“The more those on the left push to rejoin, the longer the Conservatives will stay in power.


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“It’s over, Blair isn’t coming back either nor is PR. For your own sanity, support a project that may work.”

Lord Adonis’s message received over 3,000 likes and 600 retweets.

In a blow to re-joiner hopes, social media users replied to ask if the EU would want Britain back in its union.

Ann Gymer wrote: “Do you really think the EU would have us back?

“I’m not sure they will and I am saddened by that.”

Cheryl Russell added: “Do you think they’d let us rejoin? Really?”

Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal introduced a customs border down the Irish Sea for some products.

This was done to avoid a border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

However, unionists and loyalists are mounting a campaign of opposition, with hundreds protesting in Belfast’s Shankill Road on Thursday.

Mr Johnson is urging the EU to show greater flexibility to make the Protocol work.

Crunch Brexit talks will take place at the G7 on Saturday between Mr Johnson and European leaders.
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