Friday, 8 Dec 2023

Left-wing journalist apologises for tweet to ‘celebrate’ Hamas terror attack

A vocal left-wing journalist has made a public apology after saying that people should “celebrate” Hamas’ terrorist atrocities in Israel.

Rivkah Brown, the commissioning editor of leftist news platform Novara Media, took to X, previously Twitter, following the murderous episode in Israel, writing: “Today should be a day of celebration for supporters of democracy and human rights worldwide, as Gazans break out of their open-air prison and Hamas fighters cross into their colonisers’ territory.

“The struggle for freedom is rarely bloodless and we shouldn’t apologise for it.”

Brown, who herself is Jewish, explained today that she had deleted the ghastly social media statement and offered her apologies.

She said: “I’ve deleted this tweet. I responded too quickly and in a moment of heightened emotion.

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“Witnessing Palestinians defy decades of oppression hardened me to the suffering of Israeli civilians, including my friends and family, and I regret that. I’m sorry.”

The reporter, who reposted a message from a fellow journalist which claimed that “much of what’s happening in occupied Palestine will be in future history books as an example of revolutionary struggle”, added: “Seeing fences torn down and military bases targeted, my instinct was to show unreserved solidarity with a Palestinian resistance I knew would be demonised.

“Speaking to Israeli friends hiding in bunkers has reminded me it’s possible to care deeply about two things at once.

“Being a passionate advocate of Palestinian self-determination should not preclude empathy – in fact, I think it demands it. My tweet did not express that. I want to move forward differently.”

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