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Kate utilises subtle mirroring trick with George, Charlotte and Louis

Body language expert Judi James has noticed that the Princess of Wales seems to have a subtle trick when it comes to her three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The expert recently looked at their behaviour when the royal couple took all three children on a visit to the 3rd Upton Scouts Hut in Slough as part of the Big Help Out. James appeared to notice that the Prince and Princess of Wales’s “genuine enthusiasm” has been passed down to their three children.

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The expert looked into how all three acted during a round of archery with their royal parents, who are known for their sporting competitiveness.

James claimed that the children appeared to mirror their parents’ competitive style.

The expert added: “There was no sense that George, Charlotte and Louis had been nudged along with warnings to be well-behaved.

“That signs are that as soon as the family spot a sporting or activity challenge or an opportunity to get stuck in and compete in public they throw themselves into it with genuine enthusiasm.

“Their family team-bonding appears to have an even spread when it comes to enthusiasm and enjoyment.

“Kate will always compete as much as William and their role-modelling means their children will copy that very equal sense of enthusiasm.”

Even Louis, who celebrated his fifth birthday last month, “set about filing a wheelbarrow with total, rapt enthusiasm”, according to James.

She added that showed that Louis likely “throws himself into tasks at home in the same way”.

James added that George, Charlotte and Louis’s behaviour showed that they had genuine interest in each activity.

The expert added that Kate “took her archery seriously” – as did the couple’s only daughter, eight-year-old Princess Charlotte.

She then went on to discuss how George, who will be 10 in July, mirrored “his dad’s splayed elbow pose” while Kate “eyed up the target”.

James also praised Kate for creating “confidence in her children when they do compete or join in play.”

She noted that Kate “dipped down” to Louis’s level while the five-year-old was toasting marshmallows. James said that this allowed him to “feel motivated but not overly parented”.

Kate and William often try to keep their children out of the spotlight as much as possible, but the trio have joined their parents on various recent events.

All three appeared at the King’s Coronation earlier this month – with George taking on a starring role as one of the King’s Pages of Honour.

Charlotte and Louis walked into Westminster Abbey behind Kate and William. The siblings were spotted holding hands as they entered the Abbey.

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