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Kate Middleton ‘stung’ after Queen Elizabeth II ordered she get ‘proper job’

Kate Middleton officially opened the Young V&A

Kate, the Princess of Wales is now known as one of the most prominent and popular members of the Royal Family.

But a royal author claimed that in the earlier years of her relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth II Kate had to make significant changes to her holiday routine.

According to Katie Nicholl, the late monarch was not impressed with Kate Middleton “swanning from one five-star holiday resort to another” and instead demanded she get a job.

The future royal could often be spotted holidaying with her family and then-boyfriend Prince William, going from the Caribbean island of Mustique to enjoy a day down the slopes in the Alps.

But aware her relationship with the future King was growing more serious, the late Queen reportedly expressed some concerns about her travelling around so frequently.

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Nicholls claimed the advice “stung” Kate as it appeared to question her commitment to a potential role as the wife of a senior royal.

Writing in her book William and Harry, the author said: “If she was not with William at Balmoral then the couple were skiing or holidaying on Mustique.

“Kate was there so often the press dubbed her ‘Queen of Mustique’, a title that had previously belonged to Princess Margaret.”

At the time of her visit in the early 2000s, the UK had been experiencing a severe recession and “such frivolous displays of wealth were unpalatable to the Queen”, Nicholls suggested.

She wrote one source had said: “It is Her Majesty’s opinion that if Kate is one day going to be William’s consort, then she needs a proper job.

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“Swanning from one five-star holiday resort to another is not the prerequisite for a young woman possibly destined to be Queen.”

Following her graduation from the University of St Andrews, the Princess of Wales tried her hand as an accessory buyer for the high-street brand Jigsaw.

She later joined the family business Party Pieces with mum Carole and dad Michael Middleton and stayed in the position until shortly before her wedding to William in 2011.

And while the royal couple still treats their family to holidays every year, they have grown accustomed to staying closer to home – opting for the beauties of the Isle of Scilly and Scotland.

Last year, however, they took their three children to visit Jordan, where the Princess of Wales lived for two years while her father worked for British Airways.

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