Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

John Curtice reveals surge in pro-Scottish independence votes as Sturgeon’s dream boosted

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The political scientist told TimesRadio the coronavirus pandemic may have led to a rise in support for Scottish independence. Mr Curtice outlined the role the devolved nations have played during the COVID-19 crisis as a possible reason for the increase in support for Scotland becoming independent from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Mr Curtice said: “The polls this year are saying that both groups have become a bit more pro yes although remain voters are still much more likely to be in favour of yes than leave voters.

“Leave voters are now switching to some degree.

“It is no longer obvious whether this most recent increase is to do with Brexit as opposed to something else.

“The most obvious something else is of course coronavirus.”

He continued: “It is probably true that more people across the whole of the UK, not least England, now realise that quite a lot of life in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is not run by the UK Government in London.

“It is run by the developed administrations.

“Health and public health are all devolved responsibilities.

“Those devolved responsibilities have been exercised fundamentally for everyday life for people in Scotland.

“The Scottish Government has been making life and death decisions about health.”

Last month Tony Miklinski told that the economy is not the highest priority for the SNP and that Nicola Sturgeon sees everything through the lens of Scottish independence.

The Scottish Conservative councillor added that Scotland’s First Minister “relies on the UK Government”.

Mr Miklinski said: “The underlining issue here is that the SNP don’t put the economy at the top of their priority.

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“They don’t place it such that they worry that we are going to come out of this in some way shape or form.

“This is because they can rely on the UK Government and they do rely on the UK Government.

“So that puts them in a very comfortable position politically and, of course, Nicola Sturgeon sees everything through the lens of independence.

“That is always the underlining factor on how she is going to act.”

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