Thursday, 26 May 2022

‘It’s not the bogeyman!’ Jacinda Ardern blasted over new 24-day quarantine Covid rule

Jacinda Arden has gone 'power mad' says Tonia Buxton

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Broadcaster Tonia Buxton has been highly critical of the New Zealand Prime Minister after new quarantine rules were introduced forcing people with COVID-19 to self-isolate for a staggering 24 days. Ms Buxton criticised Ms Ardern claimed her decision has impacted the lives of “one million” Kiwis.

Ms Buxton said: “She is Princess Queen Plankess forever, forever!

“What she has done to the people of New Zealand and the people that aren’t there now.

“There are a million people, New Zealanders who cannot go home and see their family!”

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Under the new regulations, household contacts of Covid cases must isolate for three and a half weeks.

But catching the virus, explained Mrs Buxton, may help building up a stronger immune system as she played down the seriousness of coronavirus, pointing out that it’s neither a “war” nor a “bogeyman”.

She claimed trying to evade COVID-19, just like any flu, may backfire as it leads to “more trouble”.

She said: “The most important thing with our own natural immunity is to catch things so our immunity keeps up and cures us.

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“When you are young, every September I got something and I was snotty until Christmas.

“That’s what you want, you want to build the children’s immunity.

“Now what they are doing in places like New Zealand and Australia is that they are nullifying natural immunity so they are going to be in for trouble.

“It’s a virus you cannot shut it out.

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“It’s not a war, it’s not a bogeyman, it’s an air-born virus.”

The decision was made after 84 new Covid cases were recorded on Saturday, with 43 people having contracted the virus in the community and another 41 at the border.

But Act political party leader David Seymour was heavily critical of the extension, saying: “The effect is that if you test positive, members of your household may have to isolate for 24 days.

“People who cannot afford that will have a strong incentive not to get tested, defeating the purpose of the policy.

“If the advice is taken seriously, it will cripple the health workforce and supply chains more generally.”

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