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I’m a survival expert – here’s what Daniel Khalife will be doing to evade police

Terror suspect Daniel Khalife made his escape at an “utterly ideal” time and will be able to survive in the British wilderness for months, a source familiar with military training has said.

Since escaping HMP Wandsworth in south-west London on Wednesday, nobody has seen Khalife, but there is one reported anonymous sighting from a newsagent which emerged on Friday.

There is speculation the former British Army signaller could already be out of the country, despite the enormous manhunt for him.

But Darren Parkin, a survival expert who has helped out with the British Army outdoors training, says the first thing the escapee would’ve done is rush to an expanse of British Woodland.

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Mr Parkin, co-founder of Ever Wild Outdoors, said Khalife could live off the British woodland for months as it’s an “absolute bread basket” at this time of the year with an abundance of nuts and fruit to choose from.

He added: “Even if he has just had the basic training, he will have enough skills to survive in the UK wilderness for quite a considerable amount of time.”

“His first priority would be to head to an expanse of woodland at this time of year, it’s utterly ideal as you’ve still got leaves on trees. 

“If you know what you’re looking for, have the knowledge, in an expanse of woodland, it would be easy to survive right through to mid-autumn before risking exposing his position.”

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Khalife, 21, is believed to have escaped while wearing a chef’s uniform by strapping himself to the underside of a food delivery truck.

As a soldier, he was previously stationed at the MoD’s Beacon Barracks in Stafford.

According to Parkin, if he has rushed out into the wilderness, there is very little that can be done to find him.

He said: “Even thermal imaging cameras aren’t going to pick you up in dense woodland.

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“And of course, he doesn’t need to have a fire in this warmth

“When the nights become cold he will have to make a decision about whether he has a fire.

“He could insulate his clothing. There are all sorts of ferns, brackens, foliage, and moss, which he could put in his clothes to insulate overnight.

“These are all things he has probably been taught with his British army course.”

However, one clue that could help authorities find Khalife if he is hiding out in the woodland would be water, says Parkin.

He says: “The critical point for the police is the water source because he won’t be able to survive without water.

Soldiers with advanced training could survive without direct sources of water, such as streams. 

But as an ex-signaller, Khalife is unlikely to have the ability to extract water from the soil, or sap from the trees, Parkin says.

He added: “I don’t think he’ll have the skills to deal with stagnant water. 

“I think if there’s a running water source or spring near some dense or expansive woodland, that’s the starting point.

“No matter what training he’s had, he’ll leave signs that he had.”

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