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‘I won 10k a month after the till at Waitrose made a weird noise’

A plasterer has said he won £10,000 a month for the next 30 years after the till at Waitrose made a weird noise.

At first John Stembridge, 51, thought he’d won £100 when the till at Waitrose started making strange noises.

Instead, the noise was being made not because something was wrong, but because Mr Stembridge had won far more.

Mr Stembridge had won one of the National Lottery’s life changing prizes, its Set for Life prize.

Following the victory, Mr Stembridge, from Wiltshire, has won £10,000 for the next 30 years.

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Speaking to Camelot, Mr Stembridge has said he plans to spend some of the money on travelling.

He said he plans to make his way through Europe in a luxury campervan to photograph rare wildlife.

Mr Stembridge said: “It’s time to give up the trowels! There will be no more days of coming home covered in plaster dust and worrying about money and my family.

“All of our lives are now changed forever.”

Mr Stembridge, a keen fisherman, added: “It makes me so happy that I can now help and support my family and those closest to me and I literally have no more worries in that respect.

“To be in the position where I get £10K every month, tax-free, is just phenomenal – this National Lottery win has changed everything for me and those closest to me and I still just cannot believe it!”

Mr Stembridge described the moment he decided to pop into Waitrose, the supermarket closest to him at the time, to get his ticket checked.

He said: “I was sitting in my van having a coffee after finishing a day of plastering and just noticed the ticket behind the visor – I was close to a shop so just thought I would pop in and get the ticket checked – just in case there was anything on it.”

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He added: “When the store assistant put it into the machine to check, the machine made a really strange noise – something I had never heard before.

“The assistant then said to me I would need to call the number on the ticket as it was a winning ticket but she couldn’t pay me.”

Mr Stembridge said he “burst into tears” after he was told how much he’d won.

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