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‘I bred Killer Kimbo who spawned 600 XL Bully dogs – people feed them steroids’

The owner of ‘Killer Kimbo’, whose dog spawned half of UK XL Bullies, claims many of them are on steroids.

Breeder Gustavo Castro also confirmed that up to 600 dogs have descended from his animal but that it was a “gentle giant.”

The dog was dubbed Killer Kimbo after British campaign group BullyWatch found 32 of 50 breeding stud dogs in Britain were related to him.

And BullyWatch say that dogs linked to Kimbo, who died more than a decade ago, have caused at least ten violent incidents worldwide, reports The Sun.

Mr Castro, from Los Angeles, said: “Kimbo’s offspring are all over the world now and it’s getting really big to have a big dog.

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“Some people when they get my dogs they start injecting them with steroids and other stuff that they’re not supposed to, to get them big.

“All that stuff has side effects. You’re not going to get a normal dog, the dog’s going to be different.”

He added that puppies take more genes from their mothers and that he has had no issue with the descendents of the original Kimbo.

He added Kimbo was a “gentle giant” and now “has between 500 and 600 offspring” around the world.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Friday (September 15) that he will ban the savage breed that has been responsible for a spate of UK attacks and which killed a man in Staffordshire on Thursday.

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Ian Price, 52, from Stonnall, Staffordshire was attacked and killed by the frenzied animals just yards from his family home.

There has been concern from some dog owners that new rules will mean that their dogs will need to be put down.

But it’s been confirmed that XL Bully dogs will not be culled as a result of the new rules set to come in force on the breed.

The UK’s chief veterinary officer Professor Christine Middlemiss has said instead there will be an amnesty where owners must register their pets and muzzle them in public.

Prof Middlemiss told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “There will be an amnesty.

“So people that already have these dogs – and some of them will be well socialised, well managed, well trained – you will need to register and take certain actions.

“Your dog will need to be neutered. It will need to be muzzled when out in public and on a lead and insured.”

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