Tuesday, 21 May 2024

Huge win for veterans as those who suffered from hearing loss to be compensated

Figures reveal 11,180 former servicemen and women won civil court claims totalling £90.2million during this period for noise-induced hearing loss.

Another 1,875 had successful claims totalling £13.7million under the military’s compensation scheme. The MoD has a duty to provide adequate ear protection to save its employees from noise damage.

A typical deafness claim was settled for between £5,000 and £30,000. One claim in 2021 cost the MoD £913,000. Another case in 2017 saw compensation and costs top £1million.

In February former solider Vance Bacon-Sharratt, 33, won £350,000 in damages after losing his hearing after an explosion during a training exercise.

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The father-of-two from Nottingham was forced to leave the Mercian Regiment after being injured during the firepower demonstration in 2016.

In March former Royal Marine James Barry, 34, was awarded £713,000. A number of soldiers suffered hearing loss after being involved in driving trials of the Army’s new £5.5billion light tanks. Trials of the Ajax vehicles were paused after some squaddies suffered from tinnitus.

Simon Ellis, of legal firm Hugh James, said: “There’s an alarming lack of awareness today in the Armed Forces community over hearing loss and people’s right to redress.

Many are put off highlighting problems with hearing loss because of concerns over repercussions. Others don’t realise they can bring a claim.”

The MOD said: “The health and wellbeing of our people is our priority and we have robust measures in place to minimise the risk of hearing loss.”

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