Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

How Queen was stopped from answering US President’s ‘intimate question’ about Royal Family

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Her Majesty The Queen is not only the longest reigning monarch in the world, but she is also one of the most well-travelled. Since ascending the throne in 1952, she has undertaken a number of state and official visits as well as trips throughout the Commonwealth. It was during one of these that the monarch was asked a very intimate question about her family.

According to a throwback report by The Daily Mail, in 1991, the Queen visited the White House of US President George H.W. Bush.

The President’s son, George W. Bush, reportedly introduced himself to her as the “black sheep of the family”.

He then proceeded to ask her: “Who’s yours?”

The Queen, wisely, did not reply.

Barbara Bush stepped in and warned their special guest: “Don’t answer that.”

It was not the only mishap made by the Bushes during that visit, though.

When Her Majesty, accompanied by her husband Prince Philip, arrived at the White House for a welcome ceremony, the 41st President of the US took to the podium first for a speech, introducing the monarch.

He left the stand as he had found it meaning that when the Queen stepped up to talk, the microphone was so high that her face was hidden.

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Nothing but the Queen’s purple-and-white hat could be seen above the microphones when the 5-foot-4 monarch delivered her speech at the White House arrival ceremony.

The incident made headlines around the world and created a comical effect.

The Washington Post headlined it: “Britain’s Hat of State.”

Despite the embarrassment, Her Majesty did not seem to mind and just a few days later, she made light of it.

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As she began an address to a joint meeting of Congress, the Queen said: “I do hope you can see me today from where you are.”

The comment drew laughter and applause from the lawmakers.

President Bush expressed regret about the incident, saying “it was not fair to her”.

Asked why he did not pull out the lectern’s step for the Queen, Mr Bush said: ″I feel badly I didn’t.

″I thought about it, but she started to speak and I didn’t realise how it would look from a straight angle, or I would have interrupted her.

″It wasn’t fair to her and I’m just sorry that it was overlooked.″

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