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Horror as man claims he found ‘twitching’ fluffy mouse in his Chinese takeaway

A disgusted takeaway customer was left horrified after allegedly finding a “twitching mouse” in his Chinese takeaway – but the restaurant denies it was their food.

Sam Hayward had started eating his dinner when he said he spotted something moving in his mushroom noodle soup.  

The shocked 39-year-old started filming the apparent rodent and rang the restaurant his girlfriend Emily had ordered the takeaway from.

Mr Hayward, from Kent, said: “My missus rang me up asking if I wanted anything to eat and I said I fancied a jacket potato.  

“She said she wanted a Chinese, so she won that one.

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“I started eating and got about three-quarters to halfway through it and then thought, ‘That’s a big mushroom, isn’t it?’.

“It was twitching. I’m no animal expert, but it couldn’t have been alive. The tail was the first thing I saw and it just freaked me out.

Mr Hayward said he spent around 25 minutes in the toilet afterwards trying to make himself sick as a result and claimed that while he had a “pretty strong stomach” this was “another level”.  

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He said Emily had paid for the meal with cash and they had not got a receipt for the takeaway.

He also claimed the Chinese restaurant, which he did not identify but that he had been a regular customer with for almost 20 years, had denied it was their food.

Mr Hayward added: “All I wanted was for them to apologise – it’s just the principle.

“I didn’t want them to say, ‘Sam, you have free Chinese food for life’… I wouldn’t have wanted it.”

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