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Headteacher who ‘tipped a child off chair’ given two-year teaching ban

A headteacher from Norfolk has been banned from teaching for two years after a allegedly tipping a child onto the floor. Jordan Risebrow, 51, denied “tipping a pupil off a chair” and “slapping a colleague’s hands”. The bizarre allegations were documented in a professional conduct panel report by the Teaching Regulation Authority, but Mr Risebrow refused to attend a panel addressing the claims. 

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Mr Risebrow worked at Hemsby Primary School in Norfolk when the first incident occurred in June 2019. A pupil had been brought in from the playground after hitting another child and was lying on the floor, refusing to move. The teacher who brought in the boy said he was “not distressed” and was satisfied he was “not a danger to himself or to anyone else”.

However, the headteacher intervened and carried the boy to his office “without the pupil’s feet touching the ground” according to the teacher. When attempting to confront the actions of the headteacher, Mr Risebrow “avoided the subject.”

In October 2019, he was appointed as headteacher at Henderson Green Primary Academy. In the spring term, he “flipped out” after a colleague accidentally tore the corner off a Harry Potter poster in his office while removing a door that needed to be replaced.

He is said to have waved his arms in the air “like a chimp” and shouted “don’t you dare touch them” or words to that effect, according to a witness. It is then reported Mr Risebrow smacked the back of his colleague’s hands with force, causing a “stinging sensation” which lasted for “one and a half minutes”.

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Also at the same school, he approached a pupil who appeared “frustrated and angry” and was hugging his knees on a chair. A witness described seeing Mr Risebrow “pivot the chair” causing the boy to slide off.

A staff member commented the headteacher’s actions were “absolutely unnecessary” although he didn’t believe there was any intention to harm the pupil.

The professional conduct panel on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education, banned Mr Risebrow from teaching for two years, saying his behaviour “amounted to the misconduct of a serious nature which fell significantly short of the standards expected of the profession”.

It added he had “breached a reasonable force and touch policy, the purpose of which was to safeguard the wellbeing of pupils”.

The teacher had a previously unblemished career and refused to take part in the professional conduct panel which ruled his behaviour amounted to serious misconduct.

Contacted by the Daily Mail, Jordan Risebrow has denied all the allegations. He said: “All I can say is the allegations are false. I’ve got nothing to say. I’m disgusted with the outcome.”

Hemsby Primary School, near Great Yarmouth, was rated “good” at its last full Ofsted inspection in 2016. Henderson Green Primary Academy also received a “good” rating in 2018.

Express.co.uk has approached Heart Education Trust which runs Henderson Green Primary Academy for comment.

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