Friday, 8 Dec 2023

Harry and Meghan keep defying PR golden rule as interest in couple ‘declining’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity is “on the decline”, with one PR expert urging the couple to stop taking on usual habit of “defying PR golden rule”.

Ever since the release of Harry’s memoir back in January, many have speculated whether Meghan will follow her husband’s footsteps and release her own book.

Although nothing has been confirmed, GoUp’s PR expert Edward Coram-James has said thay the couple should think hard about the timing as to when Meghan should think of a potential release.

Speaking of the potential memoir, Mr Coram-James told “I would be surprised were Meghan to release an autobiography any time in the next few years.

“You don’t release a biography when the world is arguably a little tired of hearing from you. Interest in the Sussexes is currently on the decline, and their currency has diminished this year.”

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He added: “From a PR and marketing perspective, you want to wait until public interest is on the rise again before releasing principal-centric material like an autobiography.”

Despite this, the expert revealed that he does feel the couple’s popularity could return – or at the very least, an interest from the public.

He said: “At some point interest in the royal couple will rise again. [Meghan] should wait until that moment.”

Speaking of the couple’s typical route, he said: “That being said, the Sussexes have defied many a long-held PR golden rule (I would argue to their detriment) over the past few years.

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“So in some respects disregarding this one, and releasing the memoir at a time when many simply would not want it, would not come as much of a surprise at all.”

The couple’s popularity took a deep nosedive following their explosive sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 and the couple have been on a spiral to publicly voicing more about their time as royals ever since.

Harry’s book was set for original release in late 2022 but, following the death of the late Queen, the release date seemingly changed to January 2023.

As well as the book, Harry also prioritised a lot of publicity surrounding the release in the new year.

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Despite a drawback on the memoir’s release date, the couple still released their Netflix docuseries in December 2022 – just three months after the late monarch’s death.

Mr Coram-James also added that he believes Meghan’s potential memoir wouldn’t convey as much success as Harry’s.

He voiced three opinions as to why he believes this, including Harry’s failure to provide any major explosive content.

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